Behavioral Health Center

At the Foundation for Positively Kids we recognize that a child’s health and well- being is comprised of many different elements. Our medical, and early childhood programs support healthy growth and development, but there is more to consider. In order to have a complete treatment program, we had to consider the mental health of our young clients.  Our behavioral health program is designed to assist children in emotional healing from whatever life experiences they may have encountered. We assist with helping children understand and heal from issues related to addiction, disrupted attachments, trauma, grief and loss, and physical and sexual abuse.  When children struggle with issues of depression, anxiety or grief, they can often develop behavioral patterns that impact their functioning in the home, school or community settings.  To the untrained eye, children can appear to be defiant, angry and anti-social. Our clinicians understand that there are emotional wounds at the root of these behaviors, and they must be addressed. We aim to treat the emotional needs of the children we serve so that they can learn to move forward with healthy development in all life domains. We utilize trauma informed treatment modalities that focus on attachment and connected relationships to help children heal. Behavioral Health is an important component in PK’s multidisciplinary approach to health and wellbeing. We want to make sure that every child’s medical, behavioral, emotional and developmental needs are being met so that they can move from surviving to thriving.

•Exposure to Trauma (including sexual abuse)

•Attention and Focus

•Negative Behavior in the Classroom.

•Anger Management

•Defiance and other Related Behavioral Challenges

•Mood Disorder

•Reduced Coping and Regulation Skills

•Attachment Issues

•Anxiety Disorders

•Grief and Loss

•Self Esteem

•PCIT- Parent Child Interaction Therapy

We use evidence based treatment modalities as well as preferred children’s practices that include; Play Therapy, Art Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy