What We Do


Behavioral Health Center

At Positively Kids Behavioral Health Center, we understand that every behavior has an emotional root that needs to be attended to we engage the primary caregivers in all or our treatment approaches. We can assist in healing the many symptoms that may be impacting your child’s optimal well- being and emotional health

Complex Care Clinic

The overarching goal of the Positively Kids’ Complex Care Clinic is to increase access to comprehensive and highly skilled follow up care for babies born at high risk of short and long term health problems due to being born prematurely, birth defects, or drug exposed in utero, as well as manage chronic illnesses in children.

Healthcare Clinics

Positively Kids Healthcare Clinic at Child Haven Campus is a one stop shop for medical, dental and mental health care for children ages 0-18. We specialize in medically fragile, medically dependent, foster community, and/or developmentally delayed children.

Early Intervention

Home Based Early Childhood Intervention is a program for children birth to three years of age who have a developmental delay or a disability. If your child qualifies for services we send a highly skilled team of therapists into your home who are eager to support parents in helping babies learn all they can through our parent coaching model.

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Skyler at home

Home Health Services

Positively Kids Home Health services work closely with healthcare providers, case managers, discharge planners, and therapists to implement the best plan of care for you and your child. Our dedicated and experienced pediatric nurses understand complex medical conditions and the stressors of unforeseen circumstances. We strive to reduce emergency room and unscheduled doctor visits.

Support Services

Here’s a list of Support Services you may need and that we recommend.


Positively Kids has partnered with Children’s Dentistry to provide dental services for the families we serve.  Children’s Dentistry is a family oriented dental practice with an emphasis on pediatric dental care. They use sedation to help calm children and patients with disabilities. Their highly trained, friendly staff work great with patients of all ages.