Sterling Jay

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Meet Sterling Jay –  He is 13 months old and ready for adventure and fun! He was diagnosed with Down Syndrome 10 days after he was born. The family didn’t know in utero. They didn’t get “the test” because it wasn’t going to change their decision anyways. A few hours after he was born, Sterling’s Daddy, Jayson (who is a Firefighter/ Paramedic), suspected that Sterling may have Down Syndrome.

After the family confirmed that he had Down Syndrome, they researched and contacted Early Intervention. They chose to work with Positively Kids and it has been nothing short of an amazing experience already! Their liaison, Jeannine, pointed them in the right direction by connecting us with our physical therapist, Kat, our occupational therapist, Rebecca, and our feeding & speech therapist, Kerri. These professionals have become an important part of their lives and they appreciate them dearly! They have always treated Sterling like their own child, and do everything in their power to help him succeed each and every time they visit!

What they feared when they found out that Sterling had DS at 10 days old has now long dissipated and they are grateful and thankful for Early Intervention with Positively Kids. They, along with Sterling’s siblings, Savannah (3) and Sebastian (18), cherish their little blessing and look forward to the exciting adventures that lay ahead!! He is just a joy and delight each and every day and makes their hearts smile in ways they never could have ever imagined without him!