Home Health and Nursing

Home Health and Nursing


Our Home Health nursing services includes a team of healthcare professionals that work with your child to provide pediatric skilled nursing care and caregiver education. We understand that returning home from a hospitalization can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Our staff is here to support you during that time. Positively Kids’ staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and support. It takes a special nurse to care for special kids.

We work closely with physicians, case managers, discharge planners, therapists and families to implement the best plan of care for optimum clinical outcomes and cost containment. Our skilled nursing professionals are qualified to care for:

  • Cardio-Pulmonary conditions
  • Complications of prematurity
  • Genetic syndromes
  • Juvenile Diabetes
  • Nutritional conditions
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Technology dependent healthcare needs

We hold our team to a very high standard in which all pediatric home care staff must have:

  • Current state licenses
  • Previous pediatric experience
  • Multiple reference checks
  • CPR/emergency/first aid training & certification
  • Criminal, background/drug & child abuse clearance
  • Ongoing nursing competency evaluations and in-service training

Referrals are accepted by all sources.


Medical Day Care (MDC) provides a comprehensive mix of healthcare, childcare, education and social services under one roof. It was designed to meet the unique needs of children birth to 12 years that are medically fragile or chronically ill. Our experienced pediatric nurses understand the complex childhood conditions and are here to help care for your child’s needs. We provide stable, quality care so that parents can work and provide for their families. We assist families that struggle with healthcare management of their medically fragile child, reduce emergency room and doctor visits, and reduce the risk of medical neglect and abuse.

Foundation for Positively Kids has been a respected medical provider in the community since 1999. Our program, in collaboration with area daycares, will enable your child to receive the great benefits of inclusion. Students that have the opportunity to get to know friends with different abilities do better interacting with all kinds of peers throughout their school careers. Children gain a greater understanding and knowledge of all kinds of differences/similarities in people (not just people with disabilities). Children with special needs in inclusive settings frequently surpass educational expectations because children learn best from each other. Inclusion gives children with special needs the opportunity to play with their typical peers who model age appropriate skills and behavior. Everyone contributes to everyone’s education.

We accept referrals from all sources. Obtaining MDC services require an intake which includes an assessment of the child’s/family’s needs, medical information, and demographics. A registered nurse will complete a physical assessment and an individualized care plan will be initiated. A day care site will then be identified, followed by a team meeting to implement plan of care.

Below is a success story from Michael, one of our patients.

Michael was born on June 7, 2010 as a 23-week preemie. He weighed only 1lb 8oz at birth! Michael’s heart and lungs were under developed and he was on continuous oxygen for 14 months. He has had to endure multiple surgeries and continues to require close monitoring and breathing treatments. Prior to being placed with a g-tube for feeding, he was on (TPN) Total Parenteral Nutrition, which caused him to have liver issues, brittle bones with multiple rib fractures, and dental decay. Michael continues to have some significant delays but is thriving and making gains every day.


Respite is a period of rest, relief and rejuvenation, which relieves stress, restores energy and promotes balance in your life. Positively Kids provides temporary, short term in-home respite care for families and primary caregivers to restore and strengthen their ability to continue caring for their child with medical fragility, special needs, chronic, or terminal illnesses, or a child that is at risk of abuse or neglect. Using respite care helps caregivers to maintain their mental stability and physical well-being.

We accept referrals from all sources. Obtaining respite services requires an intake, which includes an assessment of the child’s/family’s needs, medical information, demographics and household income. The average hours allotted for respite services vary depending on amount of grant dollars received, number of children required per grant and the needs of the family requesting services.

Respite gives families peace of mind, helps them relax, and renews their humor and their energy enjoyment. Respite allows families to enjoy favorite past times and pursue new activities

Respite improves the family’s ability to cope with daily responsibilities and maintain stability during crisis Preservation. Respite helps preserve the family unit and lessens the pressures that might lead to institutionalization, divorce, neglect, and child abuse Involvement. Respite allows families to become involved in community activities and to feel less isolated

Time Off
Respite allows families to take that needed vacation, spend time together and time alone

Respite makes it possible for family members to establish individual identities and enrich their own growth and development