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What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

A Patient Centered Medical Home is how comprehensive, primary health care is delivered to your child at Positively Kids (PK). Whatever the medical needs – primary or secondary, preventive care, acute care, chronic care, or end-of-life care – your child has a medical "home"; a single, trusted doctor and care team, through which quality healthcare is provided. PK puts you, the patient/family, at the center of the health care system. At PK we offer care that is Accessible, Continuous, Comprehensive, Family-Centered, Coordinated and Compassionate.


Children who need dental care can be seen by our board certified dentist and dental anesthesiologist Dr. Steven DeLisle. Dr. DeLisle and his skilled staff can provide regular dental check-ups and dental services, such as fillings, extractions, x-rays, and dental services for special needs patients that require sedation during dental procedures. Dental visits are scheduled by appointment.

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Behavioral Health

We provide all general pediatric care for behavioral health problems. We have resources to address substance abuse, mental health problems, disciplinary problems, ADHD, and other behavioral issues. Healthy Minds, a behavioral health organization specializing in youth and adolescents, provides behavioral health care through single and group counseling sessions.

Insurance Eligibility Services

We assist families with the application process.