Family Healthcare Clinics

Positively Kids Family Healthcare Clinic at Child Haven Campus is a one stop shop for medical, dental and mental health care for children ages 0-18. We specialize in medically fragile, medically dependent, foster community, and/or developmentally delayed children.

The clinic employs board certified pediatricians and bi-lingual health care professionals to provide examinations which include well exams/EPSDT, sick visits, immunizations including flu shot, sports/camp physicals, and other routine care and treatment. In addition, we are pursuing certification as a Patient-Centered Medical Home which will enable all children to receive comprehensive care through a team effort by qualified patient care providers.

Care Coordinator Program

The Care Coordinator is to help pediatric patients (ages 0-18) with chronic illnesses (i.e. asthma, diabetes, obesity, etc.) to focus on preventative care and/or appropriate self-management to improve overall healthcare outcomes; for example:

  • helping the diabetic child with healthy nutritious choices;
  • helping a diabetic patient and/or a parent understand how to test blood sugar levels of a child;
  • and management of asthma, e.g. how to use inhalers properly.

The Care Coordinator will make contact and screen families to determine eligibility for enrollment in the Care Coordinator program. Criteria is uninsured (preferred) or insured; children with chronic health illnesses; and must have a primary care physician through Positively Kids. Some documentation will be requested for grant purposes. All families are encouraged to participate.

  • by phone
  • office visit/teaching
  • and/or home visiting

The care coordinator program will coordinate the care in-between the next scheduled physician follow-up visit where further care planning is developed.

MEDICAID and some private insurance’s are accepted; please call and inquire. We offer a sliding fee scale for those who qualify by showing proof of income.

Positively Kids Family Healthcare Clinic at Child Haven Campus
701 N. Pecos Rd (corner of Pecos & Bonanza; enter driveway from Bonanza Blvd.)
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Appointments: 702-262-0037 ext. 1.
Fax: 702-476-9122
After Hours Advise Line: 702-262-0037
If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
(last sick appointment is 4:30 pm)
8:00 am – 3:00 pm Saturday
(last sick appointment at 2:30 pm)



Positively Kids Family Healthcare Clinic – Tomkins Location
2480 E Tompkins Ave. Ste. 101
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Phone: (702) 262-0037 extension 1
Fax: (702) 538-7557

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
(last sick appointment at 4:30 pm)


Complex Care Clinic

The overarching goal of the Positively Kids’ Complex Care Clinic is to increase access to comprehensive and highly skilled follow up care for babies born at high risk of short and long term health problems due to being born prematurely, birth defects, or drug exposed in utero, as well as manage chronic illnesses in children.

This program provides an array of comprehensive services appropriate for high risk infants including an assessment of the medical, nutritional, developmental, and psycho-social needs of high risk infants after discharge from area hospitals. Through close coordination with our Early Intervention and Home Health programs, children will have access to early intervention, nutritional and home health as integral services of the program.

Positively Kids coordinates closely with area hospitals, NICU units, local midwives, the Health District, Maternal and Child Health Coalition, and other community agencies/organizations that serve as key stakeholders and as referral resources for the program. Referrals/appointments are made by calling 702-262-0037. The Complex Care Clinic is located at the Positively Kids’ office on East Tompkins Ave.

Complex Care Clinic

2480 E. Tompkins Avenue, Suite 101
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday
(last appointment at 4:30 pm)

Home Health and Nursing


Our Home Health nursing services includes a team of healthcare professionals that work with your child to provide pediatric skilled nursing care and caregiver education. We understand that returning home from a hospitalization can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Our staff is here to support you during that time. Positively Kids’ staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and support. It takes a special nurse to care for special kids.

We work closely with physicians, case managers, discharge planners, therapists and families to implement the best plan of care for optimum clinical outcomes and cost containment. Our skilled nursing professionals are qualified to care for:

  • Cardio-Pulmonary conditions
  • Complications of prematurity
  • Genetic syndromes
  • Juvenile Diabetes
  • Nutritional conditions
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Technology dependent healthcare needs

We hold our team to a very high standard in which all pediatric home care staff must have:

  • Current state licenses
  • Previous pediatric experience
  • Multiple reference checks
  • CPR/emergency/first aid training & certification
  • Criminal, background/drug & child abuse clearance
  • Ongoing nursing competency evaluations and in-service training

Referrals are accepted by all sources.


Medical Day Care (MDC) provides a comprehensive mix of healthcare, childcare, education and social services under one roof. It was designed to meet the unique needs of children birth to 12 years that are medically fragile or chronically ill. Our experienced pediatric nurses understand the complex childhood conditions and are here to help care for your child’s needs. We provide stable, quality care so that parents can work and provide for their families. We assist families that struggle with healthcare management of their medically fragile child, reduce emergency room and doctor visits, and reduce the risk of medical neglect and abuse.

Foundation for Positively Kids has been a respected medical provider in the community since 1999. Our program, in collaboration with area daycares, will enable your child to receive the great benefits of inclusion. Students that have the opportunity to get to know friends with different abilities do better interacting with all kinds of peers throughout their school careers. Children gain a greater understanding and knowledge of all kinds of differences/similarities in people (not just people with disabilities). Children with special needs in inclusive settings frequently surpass educational expectations because children learn best from each other. Inclusion gives children with special needs the opportunity to play with their typical peers who model age appropriate skills and behavior. Everyone contributes to everyone’s education.

We accept referrals from all sources. Obtaining MDC services require an intake which includes an assessment of the child’s/family’s needs, medical information, and demographics. A registered nurse will complete a physical assessment and an individualized care plan will be initiated. A day care site will then be identified, followed by a team meeting to implement plan of care.

Below is a success story from Michael, one of our patients.

Michael was born on June 7, 2010 as a 23-week preemie. He weighed only 1lb 8oz at birth! Michael’s heart and lungs were under developed and he was on continuous oxygen for 14 months. He has had to endure multiple surgeries and continues to require close monitoring and breathing treatments. Prior to being placed with a g-tube for feeding, he was on (TPN) Total Parenteral Nutrition, which caused him to have liver issues, brittle bones with multiple rib fractures, and dental decay. Michael continues to have some significant delays but is thriving and making gains every day.


Respite is a period of rest, relief and rejuvenation, which relieves stress, restores energy and promotes balance in your life. Positively Kids provides temporary, short term in-home respite care for families and primary caregivers to restore and strengthen their ability to continue caring for their child with medical fragility, special needs, chronic, or terminal illnesses, or a child that is at risk of abuse or neglect. Using respite care helps caregivers to maintain their mental stability and physical well-being.

We accept referrals from all sources. Obtaining respite services requires an intake, which includes an assessment of the child’s/family’s needs, medical information, demographics and household income. The average hours allotted for respite services vary depending on amount of grant dollars received, number of children required per grant and the needs of the family requesting services.

Respite gives families peace of mind, helps them relax, and renews their humor and their energy enjoyment. Respite allows families to enjoy favorite past times and pursue new activities

Respite improves the family’s ability to cope with daily responsibilities and maintain stability during crisis Preservation. Respite helps preserve the family unit and lessens the pressures that might lead to institutionalization, divorce, neglect, and child abuse Involvement. Respite allows families to become involved in community activities and to feel less isolated

Time Off
Respite allows families to take that needed vacation, spend time together and time alone

Respite makes it possible for family members to establish individual identities and enrich their own growth and development

Early Intervention

Home Based Early Childhood Intervention is a program for children birth to three years of age who have a developmental delay or a disability. If your child qualifies for services we send a highly skilled team of therapists into your home who are eager to support parents in helping babies learn all they can through our parent coaching model.

Birth to three years of age is a critical time in a child’s development. Medical and educational studies, along with the personal experiences of families show that a family-centered program of support and services can make a difference in a child’s future. This process is known as Early Intervention. Children ages birth to three years with a developmental delay or that have a diagnosis that has a high likelihood of resulting in a delay may qualify for services.

The earlier services are provided to children with developmental delays, the quicker the families get the support and training they need. This program is at no cost to the family. As a team we work together to provide a better start in the child’s life and empower you to be an advocate for your child. Please read through the rest of the page to answer your questions about Early Intervention. If you cannot find the answer, or would like a free screening please call intake @ 702-445-2263.

The video links below give you an idea of what home visiting services can look like during a family’s daily routine.

Video:  Early Intervention Visit

Video:  Trevor’s Video

How to Refer

If you would like a comprehensive evaluation for your child, please call the referral line at 702-486-9200 and request Positively Kids.  There are five community providers of Early Intervention and a public provider with the state.  As a boutique company, Positively Kids is able to offer intimacy and dedication to each and every individual case.  We will be here from referral to exit, helping every step of the way.

Qualifying for Services

To be eligible for services, your child must have a comprehensive evaluation to determine eligibility, and be between the ages of 0-3. The comprehensive evaluation will consist of your child’s cognitive, communication, physical, social emotional, and adaptive development. Even if your concern is only that your child isn’t talking or isn’t walking, the whole evaluation will give us comprehensive answers and pinpoint concerns. This evaluation appointment will take between 1-2 hours.

If your child is past their 3rd birthday, please contact The Child Find Project at 702-799-7463 to set up an evaluation.

Creating an IFSP

If your child is found eligible for services and you would like your child to receive services an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be developed as a team. This plan will be completed the day of the evaluation. The IFSP will describe your child’s present levels of development, the outcomes (goals) for your child and family, and the services and supports necessary to meet them. This is your family’s unique plan for services. It will focus on meeting the needs identified in the evaluation, and those identified throughout the creation of the IFSP. This plan will be reviewed at least every six months to update and focus in on the changing needs of your individual family. Starting at 27 months Transition planning will begin to discuss educational options for when your child turns 3 and graduates from Positively Kids Early Intervention.

Below is our Welcome Packet and Parent Handbooks.

Welcome Packet (English)
Welcome Packet (Español)
Parent Handbook (English)
Parent Handbook (Español)

Ongoing Services

  • Early Intervention is a voluntary, family centered program.

As this child’s family, you have the right to give your permission for, or decline, evaluations, assessments, or services provided. You can also refuse one service and accept another.

With each of the services you do receive, your family’s participation is crucial for success.   The early intervention staff will assist you in designing and carrying out the strategies that will meet your child’s and family’s unique needs.  The more involved your family becomes with early intervention, the better the outcomes for your child.  All intervention should be designed to enhance your family’s lives within your daily routines.

  • How children learn – natural environment

Research from leading experts on early childhood development has shown that infants and toddlers learn best when they are participating in natural learning opportunies that occur in everyday routines and activities with their families and in the community (e.g. playing with siblings, eating with their family, visiting grandparents, etc.).  Children need repeated opportunities to practice, during the family’s normal day, to develop skills.  When children are interested and participating in an activity, they are more likely to gain and master new skills.  Children with disabilities or delays need many opportunities to repeat activities in a variety of ways and at different times to promote learning. Early intervention will support your family by focusing on specific challenges that impact your child’s functional participation in everyday activities and routines. Staff will provide services and supports to assist you in facilitating your child’s learning and participation in community life. “Early intervention professionals’ job is to make sure that… regular caregivers, such as parents and other child care providers, have the information, encouragement, and materials to take advantage of learning opportunities that occur throughout the day, wherever the child happens to be.¹”


¹McWilliam, R.A. (2001). Understanding the Family Ecology. Project INTEGRATE Model for Natural Environments in Early Intervention

The Team

The team will consist of parent, service coordinator, developmental specialist as well as one or more other therapists as determined necessary for child’s optimum development.

  • The primary person on your child’s team is you. As the parent/guardian, you are in charge of advocating for your and being the voice of your child.
  • Service Coordination – Family’s primary point of contact for obtaining information and services.
  • Developmental Specialist – Observes and assesses the overall development of your child
  • Speech/Language Pathologist – Communication: Receptive (understanding) and Expressive (signs, gestures, speaking)
  • Physical Therapist – Gross motor development like rolling, sitting, crawling and walking
  • Feeding Specialist – Textures in mouth, jaw, lip and mouth strength for eating
  • Intensive Behavior Specialist – Extreme behaviors including autism
  • Occupational Therapist – Fine motor development like picking up small objects, hand eye coordination and sensory sensitivities.
  • Vision Specialist – Vision concerns addressed and therapies
  • Audiologist – Hearing concerns addressed
  • Nutritionist – Follows the growth of the child

Reviews of IFSP

The IFSP created after the initial evaluation, and any IFSP thereafter expires after one year.  Six months after that initial evaluation it will be updated, then when it expires the team will meet again to create a new plan, keeping everything current and addressing the needs or your ever evolving family, and growing child. Before each review you will schedule with the Service Coordinator, who will inform the team.  In the mail you will receive a written notice of the meeting.  You are able to invite whomever you wish to these meetings.

Transition Process

Early Intervention programs end when a child turns three.  This will be discussed at each juncture and will be a continuing conversation throughout your time in the program.  As your child gets closer to their 3rd birthday, we will discuss the options and begin helping you make decisions based on what you envision for your child’s progress.  As the parent, you can decide to pursue continued specialized services, or not.  There are a variety of resources available including special education services (such as Child Find) and non-special education services (such as Head Start) that we will explore as a team, helping you find the best fit so you can confidently step into the third wonderful year in your child’s life.

Parent Empowerment

The inclusion of any link on this website does not imply endorsement.

Early Intervention Information

Developmental milestones

Autism speaks information

Project Assist for Parents

Down syndrome organization of Southern Nevada

Early childhood special education resource library for families

Resources for fathers

Apply for SSI disability benefits for children under 18

Support Services

Quick Links:

Nevada 2-1-1
Call for information and referrals to health and human service programs in Nevada.

Clark County School District   

Parents Empowering Parents  

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services

Social Security Disability


Partner Quick Links:

Well Care Pharmacy

Children’s Dentistry

Eye Care for Kids

Perceptions Counseling Center


Positively Kids has partnered with Children’s Dentistry to provide dental services for the families we serve.  Children’s Dentistry is a family oriented dental practice with an emphasis on pediatric dental care. They use sedation to help calm children and patients with disabilities. Their highly trained, friendly staff work great with patients of all ages.

Services (basic):

  • exam
  • cleaning
  • x rays
  • fillings
  • extractions ​
  • baby root canals
  • crowns
  • space maintainers
  • sealants


Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

They have two offices that are open on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Henderson location and North Las Vegas)

We have a few numbers that patients can use to get a hold of us; however the best two would be (702) 832-0508 and (702) 99-TOOTH.  For more information, go to their website at

Positively Kids is committed to providing an environment that will have a positive effect on the growth and development of medically fragile children living in Clark County. Programs offered by Positively Kids strive to embrace each child's unique needs, while providing the services essential to their well- being.

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