Early Intervention

Now Offering Telehealth

Evaluation Appointments and Individualized Family Service Therapies

Early Childhood Intervention is a program for children birth to three years of age who have a developmental delay or a disability. If a child qualifies for services, we assign a highly skilled team of therapists into your home now through Telehealth who are eager to support parents in helping babies learn all they can through our parent coaching model. Birth to three years of age is a critical time in a child’s development.

Considering national mandates regarding face to face visits we provide our families the best service possible. Positively Kids has fully transitioned to a telehealth program! Telehealth practice uses live or real time video and sound to connect families to our highly skilled specialists who are at different locations.

We encourage our medical partners to send in referrals to NEIS and ask your parents to request Positively Kids as their community provider.  It’s that easy!  We feel confident in our ability to assess children for eligibility, conduct therapy sessions, and complete important Individualized Family Service Plan reviews during this time.


All at NO COST
to the family


For questions

Call Intake Coordinator:

(702) 445-2263


Our PK Intake Service Coordinator will discuss parents’ concerns and schedule a Multiple Disciplinary TELEHEALTH Team meeting to evaluate the child’s development in the following areas:

  • Cognitive

  • Social Emotional

  • Communication

  • Adaptive/Self Help

  • Physical

  • Auto-qualified Diagnosis

Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty as referring partners to work together to fight this virus and still provided necessary intervention services.

Nevada Early Intervention Referrals

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